BOOKING UPDATE:  (Latest edit October 10, 2023)



(UPDATE) – On Sunday October 8, I completed booking for the next few months. 

I book appointments month to month for the sake of flexibility. Ongoing projects will get booked first and the remaining time will be booked from my booking list. 

If you are already on my booking list, please feel free to check in via email. You will receive an auto response with my latest  booking information. 
Once I work through enough of the projects on my booking list I will post my booking form on my instagram and website – It will be announced well ahead of time.



I am not taking new clients at HVTC at the moment. If you live in the 
Hudson valley and your request is something small, I *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* 
every single artist at Hudson Valley Tattoo Co. I’m certain that they’ll 
accommodate you ASAP. I’m a regular guest at HVTC but only work 4 days a 
month there so my availability is extremely limited.

Booking at HVTC is based on how much time I have. I do not book 
chronologically and can’t guarantee an appointment. Once I work through my 
existing clientele I will open booking again. I will post information 
on my website, Instagram and this auto response when that happens. 

*Here is some quick information:*

  • My hourly rate is *250*
  • My minimum is *3 hours of tattooing
  • I work full time at my private studio in Brooklyn
  • I work 4 days a month at HVTC

Tattoo Restrictions:

*No genitals, fingers, sides and underside of the feet *- The way I tattoo 
doesn’t work well on these areas and I refuse to make a piece that will not 
heal well 🙂

What is the best way to book?

Email is the only way I communicate. Write to me at and you will receive an auto response with up to date booking information. I will not reply to emails outside of the booking window. 

What is your rate?

I charge 250USD per hour of tattooing. I do not charge for designs or set up time.

My minimum is 3 hours of work 

Do I need to book a consultation?

No, I try to avoid consultations unless the work is very large and complex – or if it is necessary for me to see the area before designing.

We can easily communicate over email and make any final adjustments on the day of the appointment.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

I accept credit card, paypal, venmo, and cash